Monthly Product Recap: March/April 2023

Monthly Product Recap: March/April 2023
March/April Product Recap

At Single Origin, we are building a semantic management platform where you can simplify thousands of queries. We want to help you reduce the complexity and cost of managing your data assets, so over recent months we have invested in improving our common computation feature. We have also made the app easier to use by adding action logs and refining our interactive import page. You can watch a video update this month or continue reading below!

Common computation is just one novel use case built on Single Origin's ability to manage data semantics. As a quick recap, common computation takes a set of queries, decomposes them, and extracts the common logic. For example, if two queries reference the same table but compute different metrics (i.e., different aggregations), our common computation will combine the two metrics into a single, reusable query that can be precomputed into a table. Doing the computation once in advance makes subsequent requests for the metrics faster and cheaper - check out our case study on how we can help reduce query costs by 50-90% here!

In the last month, we have made this feature easier to use by:

  • Improving our ability to extract common logic so that you can take action on more groups of queries
  • Adding icons and filtering in our UI to quickly navigate to groups of queries that have common logic
  • Adding a modal to see two queries from a group side-by-side so that you can inspect why the queries were grouped, what they have in common
Common Computation Logic

New Feature: Action Logs 🔎

Much processing happens in the background when you run an audit or import in Single Origin. In the past, it was difficult to reason about any issues. For example, why was a query not processed: is there an issue with the query or a bug in Single Origin? To give you more feedback and build trust in our processing, we now provide logs for the complex actions you can take in our app. You can now look under the hood and dive deeper when desired!

Query Audit Logs

UX updates

If you have a complex data infrastructure, you likely have many tables. When you connect to Single Origin and start the import process, navigating those tables in our interactive import UI is much easier. We also added the ability to resize panes in our import UI, making the app more accessible across screen sizes and enabling you to customize your view to focus on what matters most.

We also updated the look of our app with a fresh color palette 🎨 It is now easier to scan pages and find the information you need.

Finally, if you are interested in GPT-4 and its relation to Single Origin, check out our blog post, The Limits of LLMs: GPT-4 and SQL.

We constantly add new features and always look for feedback, so reach out with any ideas or questions!



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