Monthly Product Recap: May 2023

Monthly Product Recap: May 2023
May Product Recap

At Single Origin, we are building a highly-automated semantic management platform where every query and pipeline is defined, organized, and optimized, globally. We want to empower technical and non-technical users to efficiently collaborate and govern their data assets - while realizing cost savings and performance improvements.

To help you optimize existing queries, we are excited to announce our new Cost Savings Reports! You can watch a video update with this feature or continue reading below.

We launched Cost Savings Reports in May as part of our Query Audit flow. These reports estimate the savings you can achieve by utilizing pre-calculated versions of your metrics. We automatically get cost statistics for both:

  • Your original queries in an audit, and
  • Single Origin-optimized variants of your original queries.

The reports offer a quick estimate option that leverages specific warehouses' "dry run" capability and a full run that generates temporary tables and executes queries. For more background on cost savings reports and how to use them, you can check out our recent post, Minimizing Costs with Single Origin.

Cost Savings Report

Import Simplification ⚡

We also reimagined how entities are imported into Single Origin. Based on user feedback, our goal was to reduce the learning curve when starting with our entity model.

You can import entities individually, and the app guides you through any dependencies. Making additions and changes is much faster, making creating and playing with entities easier than ever!

Onboarding updates

Finally, we invested in onboarding by:

  1. Adding SSO with Google so that you can onboard users to your instance without needing to manage passwords
  2. Adding a setup wizard that will guide you through the initial setup of your instance, from connecting to your first warehouse to creating your first query collection
Onboarding Wizard

We constantly add new features and always look for feedback, so reach out with any ideas or questions!



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