Monthly Product Recap: February 2023

Monthly Product Recap: February 2023
February Update

At Single Origin, we are building a semantic management platform where you can simplify thousands of queries. We want to help you reduce the complexity and cost of managing your data assets, so over the last month, we have made it much easier to take action based on the insights from a query audit.

When exploring similar queries in an audit, you can now access a common SQL query that consolidates logic from the queries into an efficient, reusable table; furthermore, we show you how to rewrite your existing queries to use this new logic. You can use this automatically generated SQL to act on insights immediately. Based on our case study, this can lead to significant time and cost savings 💰

Common SQL Query

Performance improvements ⚡

We updated our parsing algorithm & infrastructure to process more queries faster. In a typical audit, we now successfully process over 95% of queries and can process 1,000 complex queries in 5 minutes.

Usability updates 🖥️

We reorganized the pages in our app to make the connection & flow between different features (collections, audits, imports) clearer. You can now explore all of these on a single "Query Manager" page:

Query Manager

Finally, we added filtering to tables to make it easier to focus on what you care about.

We constantly add new features and always look for feedback, so reach out with any ideas or questions!



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