Monthly Product Recap: January 2023

Monthly Product Recap: January 2023
January Update. Photo from Unsplash.

At Single Origin, we are building a semantic management platform where you can simplify, trace, and govern thousands of queries. We want to be the easiest & most secure way to manage your data assets, so we recently added Query Collections to our UI.

Now when you bring in a set of queries from a CSV, table, or your logs, you can explore the set (query collection) in our UI. You can view all the SQL queries in the collection and then take action on them, including:

  • Running an audit to see how you can consolidate logic across your queries. By consolidating logic, you can reduce the time it takes to maintain your queries and the cost of generating the data you care about.
  • Running an import to parse your queries into unique metrics. Once you have imported these metrics, you can quickly explore and query them.

When performing these actions, Single Origin uses custom SQL parsing algorithms to make things as easy and accurate as possible, minimizing manual work.

New Collections Flow

Some of our other favorite features from January include:

  • We updated our query audit results page to make it easier to understand where opportunities for time and cost savings exist
  • We significantly increased the size of supported collections from 4 MB to 400 MB
  • We released a tool that you can use to mask sensitive identifiers and values in your SQL queries
  • We announced "Bring Your Own Cloud," where you can deploy Single Origin on your private cloud - there is no root access, and no customer data ever leaves your cloud.

Seeing the value Single Origin provides has never been easier or more secure!

We constantly add new features and always look for feedback, so reach out with any ideas or questions!



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