Monthly Product Recap: Welcome 2023!

Monthly Product Recap: Welcome 2023!
January update. Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash.

Single Origin is the platform for enterprises to reduce complexity & build trust in their data. We help you organize your data, improve observability, and collaborate efficiently. Today you can:

  • Connect to either a Snowflake instance or a BigQuery project.
  • Quickly understand redundancies in the queries you are running.
  • Create precise yet flexible data definitions.
  • Search your definitions, dive into the details of each, and explore the relationships between them with field-level lineage.
  • Query your data using a variety of tools without writing any SQL. Semantic management helps ensure consistent logic and access.
  • Interact with your data via a user-friendly interface or our APIs.

To close out 2022, we expanded the results of our query audit feature and updated our homepage. You can now:

  • Use our query audit tool to find similar queries in a set. For example, you may have two queries: one joins tables A and B, and another joins tables A, B, and C. The additional join may add more data; the queries are similar but different. We have always detected this when importing queries, but now we surface such relationships in audits.
  • Navigate the app more easily from the homepage. New users now have more direction when they first log in, so they can get up and running and find what they need faster.

Over the next month, we will be streamlining our creation flow. Our recent update to enable in-line editing has received positive feedback, so we are reimaging our creation flow to be similarly intuitive. We add features monthly, but simplicity and usability remain top of mind as we grow.

We are off to a great start in 2023, so if you are ready for a fresh perspective on building your data stack, feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions!



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