Monthly Recap: July 2022

Monthly Recap: July 2022
July Update. Photo by NORTHFOLK on Unsplash.

As a reminder, Single Origin is a platform where people can collaborate to define, discover, and consume data in a structured, reusable way. If you sign up for the platform today, you can follow our documentation to:

  • Connect to either a Snowflake instance or BigQuery project
  • Quickly find similarities in a set of SQL queries
  • Build a deduplicated, reusable database of views, dimensions, and metrics via an interactive or batch import, all through a user friendly interface
  • Explore your database by searching a user friendly interface
  • Query your data & quickly generate charts and tables without writing any SQL

To get the most out of the platform, clients need to be able to import their existing data (defined via SQL queries) into Single Origin. Thus, over the last month we have been working hard to both show people how the platform could help them and enable people to migrate quickly.

First, we built out a way for people to audit a set of SQL queries. This helps people understand how much duplication might exist across queries being run interactively or as pipelines. We have found that people are often surprised by the number of queries that either share a common formula (but are broken down by different dimensions) or reference a similar set of tables. There is often a lot of logic that can be used, which can decrease both complexity and cost. Learn more about Query Audit by visiting our docs page here, or try it out in the public sandbox here!

Second, once people have run an audit and gotten a sense of how much redundancy there is, they should be able to batch import those queries into Single Origin to reduce duplication. We have significantly improved our batch import functionality, which enables people to quickly build out a base and start collaborating in Single Origin. Learn more about batch import by visiting our docs page here, try it in the public sandbox here, or check out the video below!

Over the next month, our main focuses will be:

  1. Improving the connection between the above tools above to make it as easy as possible for people to go from insight to import, as well as
  2. Streamlining our interactive import flow and giving people more feedback along the way.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions.



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