Monthly Recap: August 2022

Monthly Recap: August 2022
August Update

Single Origin is a platform where data operators can collaborate to define, discover, and consume metrics and machine learning features in a structured, reusable way. If you sign up for the platform today, you can follow our documentation to:

  • Connect to either a Snowflake instance or a BigQuery project
  • Quickly understand redundancies in the queries you are running
  • Create precise yet flexible data definitions via a user-friendly interface
  • Search your definitions, dive into the details of each, and explore the relationships between them
  • Query your data using a variety of tools without writing any SQL. Semantic management helps ensure consistent logic and access

To help users start building their data repository in minutes, we have improved our interactive and bulk import flows. You can now complete actions in the app with significantly less manual input:

  • Enjoy a streamlined interactive import flow - we have made the UI easier to navigate while also adding more information about the tables you are querying

Over the next month, our main focuses will be:

  1. Making it easier to add definitions to your data repository, as well as more accessible to set up connectors to your data
  2. Exposing more API functionality so that you can integrate Single Origin into your existing flows

In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions.



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